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      Michael Rodriguez Dueñas was born and raised in Hollywood. At a young age, Dueñas was cultivated and inspired ​by 1980’s cinema and a black and white portrait photo of his late uncle. From there, his ​yearning​ to be a producer and passion to be a photographer developed overtime​. Upon graduating from high school, he worked at 20th Century ​Fox, in the Feature Story Development department under the Vice President. There, he learned how to develop a script to be green-lit for production from the studio perspective. ​While working at Fox, he found the time to shoot several photo series with rare film still cameras and produce his second short film for Fox Searchlab/Light. Subsequently, following his employment, he graduated from the University of California Riverside​ with a​ Bachelor of Arts ​in​ Film and ​Visual Culture. ​    
   After graduating, Dueñas apprenticed under various photographers. Throughout this time, he assisted on advertisement, fashion, music albums, magazine covers, and urban photo campaigns. Soon after, Dueñas worked as a freelancer in various types of commercial, documentary, feature, and television productions. He learned firsthand to find assertive resolutions to complex production challenges that arise has become synonymous with his strong interpersonal skill with clients, cast, crews, models, and vendors. The combination of these unique factors has ultimately provided him with the capacity to motivate a positive creative environment, yet also enable proactive calls to action that in turn keep productions on budget and on schedule during each stage of production and delivery. He later worked under Loren Nielsen were he gained the knowledge of post-production and the advancement of 2D and 3D cinema technology, high frame rate workflow, and color management for Real D, Reliance Media Works, and Modern Video Film. Then, Dueñas and Ryan Correll founded Light Regions a creative creation company, where he produced content and photographed series and look books for brands in the United States and other countries. In 2018, he was a consulting producer on a new Netflix series written by the showrunner Natasha Ybarra Klor and he was the field-producer on the "Jasper & Errol's First Time", a  TV series for Viceland and executive produced by Lionel Boyce and Gorilla Flicks. Earlier in 2019, he founded MRD Entertainment a company that works with agencies, brands and collaborates with diverse filmmakers to develop and produce visually stylized and thought-provoking commercial campaigns and content for global audiences.  
      All of Dueñas’s life experiences, education, and travels have contributed to his skill as a producer and photographer who values the creative collaboration with writers, directors, agencies, and content creators that impact audiences through strong visual storytelling. He has produced content and photographed campaigns for artists, brands, directors, musicians, networks for both broadcast and online, such as ABC, Acura, AEG, Adult Swim, Argos, Arri, Audi, Ayzenberg Group, CW Sonderoptic, Carmax, Dickhouse, Eurojack Pot, Fox Searchlight, Goldenvoice, Gorilla Flicks, Hitachi, Leica, LRG, Maker Studios, Microsoft, NBC, Netflix, Nike, NYK, Paul McCarthy Studios, Pelican Products, Sevenbucks, Superheroes Agency, Teremana, Therapy Studios, Time Warner, WeHolden, Universal and Viceland. Currently, Dueñas is developing films and tv series and producing content throughout the U.S., Mexico, and other countries.

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